Life skills-based activities are the vehicle for learning opportunities at the HealthyUNow campus. With a focus on gardening, food and caring for the campus, and a commitment to presuming competence, restoring health and optimizing function, students can thrive in an environment designed specifically for their needs.

Learning, training, wellness and vocational opportunities include:

  • weaving
  • art
  • HealthyU Play
  • music
  • yoga
  • drama/improv
  • additional visiting instruction as available.

HealthyU Play

HealthyU Play is a unique recreational opportunity that allows those affected by autism to improve brain and motor function through exercise. We create an environment of inclusion, acceptance and creativity where, using apparently informal but highly specialized approach, children rapidly improve awareness and control of their body as it moves through time and space. Unique in the world, this program is the result of Kim Alcorn having studied, with the participation and assistance of Julie Buckley, MD, expert in treating autism, multiple emerging techniques to promote neuroplasticity. The result is a life changing program that masquerades as play and working out at the gym. Using the body and physical activity, HealthyUPlay is changing and developing the minds of its participants. The bi-weekly program consists of 24 one-on-one sessions with a trainer.