Our approach

It's comprehensive

Dr. Buckley has lived the “therapy merry-go-round.” Her daughter, who developed regressive autism at the age of four, was involved in seven after school therapies in different locations during a five-day school/work week. Travel time alone could take over two hours a week. As a result, Dr. Buckley and her family developed a vision for a one-stop-shopping, comprehensive therapeutic center.

The HealthyUNow Foundation (HUNF) has adopted Dr. Buckley’s passion to develop a center for families who embraced the concept that autism is an environmentally induced, treatable, preventable, and even reversible medical condition. This integrated care center will become the standard for care, therapy and health restoration. There are thousands with autism spectrum disorders whose health, behavior and cognitive functioning have been significantly improved with careful attention to their environment—both internal and external.

Includes the family

Extensive time and support for an autistic child wears down the best family units—parent time and sibling time disappear. Our vision is a one-stop therapy site, to include support for all, including space for siblings to relax, do projects or do homework, and space for parents to get support, exchange stories, rest, volunteer, or gain training on balancing diet, exercise and family life in the midst of caring for their autistic child.

First wave of the autism epidemic is “aging out”

Unfortunately, facilities that embrace the environment, integrated, health-oriented approach are almost nonexistent. As the children who developed regressive autism “age out” of the public school system, the need for environmentally pristine healthy living residential settings, life skills training, and employment opportunities is painfully apparent.

The virtual center

There is a growing global need for autism treatment solutions. Families from around the world are seeking services as they learn about the functional medicine approach to illness and health. Autism can be a very isolating disease, and as a result, families affected by autism make extensive use of the Internet for research, treatment options, and community support. HealthyUNow Foundation has created a community with resources that address the needs of the entire family, wherever they live.

Restorative solutions that apply to all

As individuals with autism, a supposedly “static,” “untreatable” or “developmental” condition, achieve optimized function and health by cleaning up their internal and external environments, these solutions are getting noticed. Optimizing some of these physical and environment solutions to each individual may make sense to maintain better health for all. Health is a vital reserve that allows our bodies to absorb a shock or insult on occasion without descending into a state of illness. As our resources grow, HUNF will become a source of wellness solutions for everyone.