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HealthyUNow Books

HealthyUNow Books (HUN Books) is an imprint of Water Street Press with a very special mission: make the important science of functional medicine accessible to a broad readership. Proceeds from the purchase of our books go to the building fund of the Integrated Autism Wellness, Residential and Educational Community Center.

The HealthyUNow foundation founder, Julie A. Buckley, MD, is a leading functional medicine specialist. She describes herself as an ordinary, everyday pediatrician who began her “residency” in functional medicine under pressure: her daughter, Dani, was diagnosed with autism. As she witnessed her daughter’s recovery and then applied these principles of functional medicine to professional athletes, cancer care, and other medically challenging patients, Dr. Buckley realized that there was a communication gap between complex medicine and the lay person wanting to participate actively in the restoration of their health.

51k9J3UAWZL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_Her first book, Healing Our Autistic Children (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008), chronicles the knowledge gained, and how she applied it to treating–and reversing–her own child’s illness. This book bridges many of those proverbial communication gaps—the gap between spouses as they search for solutions for their child, the gap between parents and grandparents when there are generational differences in the approach to medical care, and the gap between parent and pediatrician who may not be well versed in functional medicine. Inevitably, the reader, the caregiver, the teacher, the therapist, the observer—each of them, as they read about and observe the restoration of health, finds themselves asking the question, “Would this sort of approach work for me?”

The HealthyUNow Foundation understands that the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” We are proud to be publishing accessible material to a readership hungry for sound science presented in an understandable fashion that will help them on their quest for vigorous vitality. With our imprint, HUN Books, we are proud to have a role in helping authors disseminate the science of wellness—the message of dynamic health.

24c39a21ac102006aadd6bc5c1979fc633-300x453Her second book, released on Mother’s Day 2014, has been co-authored with Dr. Ankit Desai. Their collaboration on Breast Cancer: Start Here developed as a result of their patient-physician relationship when Dr. Buckley developed breast cancer in 2009. This book is intended to help those diagnosed with breast cancer to navigate their cancer care, providing information and insight into an integrated, functional medicine approach.

Her third book, Youth Sports: Start Here: Everything You Need to Know About Promoting Health and Preventing Injury for Your Young Athlete, applies the principles of Functional Medicine to Sports Therapy, is co-authored with Eugene Munroe, offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, and publishes May 2016.

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