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    Proceeds from the purchase of these books go to the building fund of The Bird’s Nest!

    Donations will go towards the building fund to build the Bird’s Nest Campus for Austim.

    Helpful resources including articles, videos, and podcasts will help guide you to a Healthy Living environment.

    The Bird’s Nest will provide unique educational and integrative opportunities to areas in which they live.


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We Are...

We are moms & dads

We are tired

We love someone with Autism

We are teachers

We have hope for a better future

We need answers

We desperately need support

We are doctors and nurses, nutritionists and counselors

We can not do it alone anymore

We will reach out to others like ourselves

We stand together with the belief that Autism can be healed

We are a community

What If?

What if there was a place for the entire family to get the help they needed when autism lives in the house?

What if there was a place for families to be able to learn and share their wisdom about nutrition, diet, and nourishing themselves?

What if there was a place that siblings could do homework or relax while a child with autism received therapy?

What if there was a residential setting, both short and longer term, where GFCF, organic, and supplements were the norm and expected parts of health and healing?

What if there was a place with therapy dogs, organic gardens, work/educational opportunities, and healthy living environments?

What if the community was welcomed to come in, participate, and be a part of this therapeutic center?

What if we called it the Bird's Nest?

A safe haven for our children to learn to soar.