One of the initiatives of our foundation has been to develop what is called an Imprint of Waterstreet Press Books, an epublishing company that prints paper books “on demand.”

You will find more information about our endeavor on our HUN Books page. Today, on Mother’s Day, we proudly announce the release of our first book. Entitled “Breast Cancer: Start Here” and written by our very own breast cancer survivor, Julie A. Buckley MD, and her reconstructive surgeon, Ankit Desai, MD, we think every woman can benefit from reading it. Taking the functional medicine lessons she learned from working with children with autism and applying them to her own illness is precisely what we hope the world will see and do. As we optimize function and restore health for individuals with autism, it should be obvious to all of us that optimizing function and restoring health is a realizable goal for anyone, no matter what your health challenge is.

A woman typically has thirty days from the time of her diagnosis with breast cancer to the time when she begins her treatment. There’s a lot to learn in that one short month. What lab tests are necessary – when, and how to interpret them. What treatment options are right for your particular kind of cancer-mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy. What doctors you’ll need-general surgeon, reconstruction surgeon, oncologist-and how you’ll interview them to choose the best ones for your needs. What is the science behind integrative therapies-diet, supplements, exercise, massage-and which ones can give you the most bang for the buck to enhance your outcome?